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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  April 16, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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happened overnight in the city. and two deadly fires, a child is among the victims. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for joining us this tuesday morning, april 16th, i am pam cook. >> weather and traffic, first we go to weather and traffic, steve says expect it to be breezy again. >> it will still be breezy. >> a little brisk out there for 30s and 40s and also some light snow showers and that will clear out, today will be sunny and breezy and a little warmer as well. traffic looks good heading out to san mateo, there is a crash blocking at least one lane and also the morning commute is okay on interstate
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880 in oakland, let's go back to the desk. we now continue the boston marathon bombings and in just 30 minutes, the fbi will update the search for suspects in that deadly bombing which the white house is calling a deadly attack. live in the newsroom, alex? federal authorities do not have anyone in custody with connection with anybody's attack. the fbi will hold that briefing to update us into yesterday's deadly bombing at the boston marathon. this is clear boston is following up on several leads and it is in the boston suburb of revere and it shows law enforcement searching an apartment house in that city. they were seen pulling a number of trash bags and a duffle bag in that house and it was prompted by a traffic stop which was prompted by a
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suspicious driver and they are looking to find who is responsible for yesterday's frightening scene at the boston marathon. this is video from a camera that was being worn by a runner and it capture is the blasts which went off yesterday afternoon. the latest numbers we have this morning are three people dead and at least 140 injured and one of those killed was an eight-year-old boy. at least a dozen people are in area hospitals in critical condition and their injuries include broken bones, severed limbs and broken eardrums. so farther speculating on a possible motive and president barack obama is urging people to wait for all of the facts.
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>> we still do not know who did this or why and people should not jump to conclusions before we have all the facts but make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this and we will find out who did this and find out why they did this. >> federal investigators are now pouring over all of the video taken and searching for clues. they say their they were crude devices likely left behind in garbage cans. we are standing by for an update in the newsroom and for now we are live in the newsroom alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> the trainer of a bay area running club experienced some very tense moments until he found out all five of the runners from his club from the boston marathon were safe. >> we are safe, in our hotel, i
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was one block passed it was awful. >> he is not changing his plan to compete in next year's boston marathon. >> this is a statement, we want to make sure we are not going to be intimidated by people who do stuff like this. it's really just sad. >> ridgway says among runners, the boston marathon is something special and he is heart broken somebody has tarnished that image. coming up, we will bring you another live report from boston. right now we want to update you from the breaking news we have been following out of iran where the reports of 40 people killed where the magnitude has been upgraded 7.2 magnitude. it is the largest in a century.
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it was felt as far away as dubai from what we understand and bahrain. it comes just a week after iran's only reactor which killed 37 people last week in that earthquake. a fire killed a seven-year- old girl overnight and that fire started just before 7:30 at a detached garage on 5th and empire street. when firefighters arrived they found the seven-year-old dead inside the garage where the family was apparently living. family members are obviously devastating. >> my dad went in and heard her crying. he said mariah, mariah, he said she was crying and by the time the fire started he didn't hear her no more. >> two other people were treated for smoke inhalation.
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that started at 8:30 another fire started on south daniel way. they were able to pull a woman out and another person was found in the home after the fire was put out. they sent us photos of the flames and they say strong winds made it difficult to put out. they heard something that sounded like a loud explosion just as the fire started but the cause is being investigated. time now 6:06, sal, you are watching the peninsular, a lot is going on this morning. yes, a couple of lanes are blocked and news chopper 2 has arrived on the scene, southbound 101, it looks like it is down to 1 lane right here. i want to say, there is debris and it looked like an overturned metal truck and i
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want to ask news chopper 2 to pull out just to give a perspective. there is southbound 101 and there is the ramp to eastbound 92 to give you a perspective and traffic will be backed up big time on the east shore freeway on the peninsular and i would recommend using 280 as an alternate route and as you can see this will be there for a while and chp said traffic will be a mess in the southbound direction, again southbound 101, we have two lanes closed down to one lane on the freeway because of this truck crash. now let's look at 880 northbound and this traffic looks okay. ten son on the right shoulder, that traffic is moving along well. >> it looks like it is winding down beginning to push off east
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and south and there is one more left in the pipeline, yesterday's high is 54 and today we will be 62. average high is 63 to about 70 and today we will be close to average or slightly below. we can see some of the cloud cover which is off towards the mother load. any low clouds will start getting pushed offshore. there is light rain towards chuckky and kirkwood and right there coming off the mountains, a couple will be coming through the picture in the next hour or two. calistoga 33 and 36, 39 in napa airport and 30s for livermore and walnut creek and if it was not for the breeze a lot of these temperatures would be a
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lot cooler. 43 and 33 our reek. uke coo 36 and 27 up in reno and that's a cash to ukiah 36 and 27 in reno. it will be a cold morning slightly breeze sane we can't get rid of that -- breezy and we can't get rid of that breeze yet. we may hit 70s for about 15 or 20 minutes and then it will back off again. it looks like the warmest day will be thursday. pretty good on the weekend and just a slight cool down. we are still following breaking news as crews arrived on the scene, it is a massive hazardous materials response and we will have more coming up in a live report. a deadly attack at the boston marathon and a big event will come through and we will have more details coming up in
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. 6 is 2 testimony -- 6:12 we continue our coverage of the boston marathon bombings. we understand the governor is
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responding to the tragedy and in a statement quote, there is no indication to any threats to california or our local communities at this time but it is a reminder to remain vigilant. and ktvu channel 2 morning news' kyla campbell is on capitol hill and you are seeing some extra police there? >> reporter: we are seeing extra security around the capital building and we are seeing extra police officers and their canines and some of them are checking trash cans and removing them. they will be checking along the white house and along the metro subway system and they will be added along for the annual metropolitan day parade which is scheduled for two hours from now. secretary of homeland security janet napolitano was supposed
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to speak but she canceled that event and she did say her dent is doing everything it can to provide resources for the ongoing investigation in boston. about 15 from now boston will be listening in on that and will have the latest information when i see you next hour. kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. time is now 6:30, a bipartisan gang postponed a conference to release the immigration reform bill to give respect to the victims. they will give immigrants a 13- year path to citizenship. they will have to pay $15,000 in fines plus extra fees and the program would start only after steps are taken to secure the border. and opposition is growing for expanding background checks
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for gun buyers. they will start debating gun legislation today and first there is a democratic and republican senator expanding background checks to online transactions. a vote for background checks will not happen until later this week. also new legislation designed to close loopholes for gun control laws will go before a senate chitty and there are eight different provisions in this bill. one would ban large capacity ammunition magazines over ten rounds and anybody who wants to buy guns must first complete a background check and have a certificate for all gun purchases. in san jose, several transformers are leaking oil at a substation. tara moriarty is there at
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metcalf road with more on how much oil is leaking and she has the effort to control this, tara? >> reporter: thousands of gallons of oil from a transformer is leaking and if you take a look behind me, you can see the area in question is over to the right where you can see the big tall towers and there is sort of steam arising in the difference stance there. -- distance there. around the corner is metcalf road where we have a command center and nobody is letting us through there. the fire department received a 911 call about a couple of leaks and no neighbors had to be evacuated because of where the leak happened and it is obviously in a remote area. cal fire is the lead agency on this case and santa clara county and firefighters are also on the scene. now according to wick speed why
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-- according to information, this oil is used as a cooling material and it's producing gas and other patrol yum based -- petroleum based gases and if it has an order, how did it get reported and we have put a call into pg&e to get some of that information and as soon as we get that information we will pass it along to you. but this area is blocked off if that is an area you need to get through but it runs parallel to 101 and we are just outside of san jose limits. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 6:17 we are following developing news from collar county and there are reports that 911 calls cannot get through in gilroy if you
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are using a landline. we have made several calls to landline agencies and we have not been able to get through. we will bring an update as soon as we get more information. sal has developing news, big problems in san mateo, sal? that is right, dave and pam, southbound 101, right at 92, a truck flipped over carrying metal debris from eastbound 102 and part of that ramp is blocked as well and southbound as news chopper 2 is showing us it's just a big mess driving south out of burlingame to san mateo and we will recommend alternate routes and as you can see chp is expecting this to be out there for a while. you need to take an alternate route, 208 is a good -- 280 is
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a good one but southbound 101 is not good. this crash occurred 45 minutes ago and as you might expect, the bay shore freeway is a mess. the freeway is down to one lane because of this crash so use alternates. let's look at the westbound bay bridge, it is slow, metering lights are on and moving along well, it is backed up for a 20 minute delay. there is an overturn crash reported and southbound 880, apparently the caroled over blocking the -- apparently a car rolled over blocking the lane. fairfield, vacaville, it will still be breezy, a couple of light showers, we are just clipping the sierra nevada and the clouds are starting to hit
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offshore, 39 in the napa airport, there is that in red wood city, 34 livermore and it was 41 and contra costa may have a good breeze, san francisco yesterday only 54 degrees and it should be 63 and today we will bump you up close to that, 62 but it is rather cool this morning at 46 degrees. and there is high pressure and everything is going up and over and it looks like this might be the last one for a while. chilly or cold, a little on the warmer side and this is 63 to 71 and yesterday we are a good 5 or 10 grease below that.
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it will be another cold morning but we will warm it up and over the weekend things are quiet and we will wrap it up over the next seven to 10 days. consumer prices slipped and the price of gas fell nearly 4- point 5%. it led to a decline in the overall price index and it's the 4th time prices have slipped a home study and that's what shows home inflation is keeping things in check. two years after that huge tsunami that washed up debris in california is a small boat and the owner in japan wants it back. and the fbi is about to update the search for suspects and we will have a live report. save like a maxxinista.
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with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible.
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. in just a few minutes they will update us on this deadly attack, emily will bring us more information, good morning
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emily. >> reporter: pam, good morning to you, we are getting some late breaking developments into where this investigation is leading and we have several law enforcement saying they have now cleared the crime scene from its perspective and they are beginning to investigate and at this point, there is still no specific person of no no leading theory as to what would cause anyone to set off those bombs yesterday. >> emily, tell us because there were reports there was a person of interest and there was an apartment searched overnight, is that going anywhere and are you hearing anymore about that this morning? >> reporter: there was a search in massachusetts in an apartment which happened overnight which included law enforcement from local state
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and federal and there was a search that went on and was that related to the bombings specifically? at this point there has been no direct link provided and we are waiting for the fbi briefing and we may find out more than. >> schmidt, we are all waiting for the fbi and hopefully we will get some more information in that update. there was a small boat which washed up. it was a 20-foot boat believed to be part of the debris from the 2011 tsunami. last week photos were posted of it on facebook. the boat has words high school written in japanese on the sides. it was part of their marine sciences program and japan
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wants the boat back. san mateo, is there still a lot of debris on the road there? >> yes, a truck was carrying scrap metal in the 92 off ramp and the truck came off southbound 101 off ramp and did not make that turn and debris is in the right lane and you can see the debris. that is northbound 101 and you can see that traffic is moving along normal but southbound 101 is a big mess from burl game to highway 92 and the route, after you use 280, you can use 101 southbound or just stick with 280 all the way down. and on the sunole grade traffic is looking good, let's go back to steve. a little breezy and it will
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pick up, especially out to the valley clouds offshore are going away from the coast. a little warmup today more so than tomorrow. time now 6:27, life pictures -- live pictures you are looking at a big oil leak and this can cause some big problems. we are live in san jose where a family is grieving the loss of a little girl and we will tell you more on the attempts to save her.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are just ringing the opening bell there in new york and it does look like a much better day this morning, concerns about china's economy took things down yesterday and there was some big corporate
6:31 am
news and coca-cola reporting some good stuff, disappointing from target but it still looks like a good day. we will smile, say good morning, tuesday april 16th, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, time now 6:30 and we are following breaking news. >> it's happening at a paint page substation near san jose and tara moriarty is there and she is on metcalf road, are they making any progress controlling this leak, tara? >> reporter: we can tell sheriff's deputies have a very wide area cordoned off, we are on monterey and if you pan over to the left you can see across the highway, there are also sheriff's deputies cars set up and we believe the transformer
6:32 am
is necessaryeled below the hill and if you pan over to the right you can see a bunch of transformers necessaryeled at the bottom -- nestelled at the bottom of the hill and it could be because a train went by and it was allowed to go through with no problem so we don't believe it is over to the right but we still have to confirm it was official. this all started with a couple of leaks and no neighbors had to be evacuated but obviously where we are is remote but cal fire is the lead agency. according to this information, this oil is a liquid byproduct to make gas from -- [ technical difficulties, stand by ] >> all right, we will check back in with tara on that oil leak and we will have an update
6:33 am
from her, in other news overnight, a seven-year-old girl was killed from a house fire in san jose. janine de la vega spoke to the little girl's family, and it's just a heartbreaking story. >> reporter: it sure is and the family is grieving this morning that their little girl is gone. she slept in a bedroom behind this house and it is located on 5th and empire and let's go to some video. her family has identified her as mariah angel gomez and was a first grader at the elementary school. she had been put to sleep in a bunk bed and the mother went into the main house and realized when her four-year-old i can't in with her hair
6:34 am
burning they realized there was a fire and they found the girl in one of the bunk beds inside and her grandmother is devastated. >> she was everything to me. >> reporter: you raised her? >> yes, it was back and forth and i was in the process of trying to get custody of her. >> reporter: mariah's grandfather tried to get her but could not get to her in time. we are still waiting for the fire department to hear on what possibly may have caused this blaze and we were waiting to hear if there was smoke alarms in that detached garage. mariah's mother is being interviewed by police and coming up on mornings on 2, you will hear from the fire
6:35 am
department. reporting live janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. just hours before that fire two people were killed in another fire in san jose and that started at 8:30 in a home on south daniel way. firefighters pulled an elderly woman out and they could not save her and another person was found dead inside the home after the fire was put out. firefighters are talking about the strong winds making it very difficult to put that fire out and keeping it from spreading but the cause is still being investigated. a lot of things are happening in our commute and sal, you are following it all and you found something now? >> yes, we are looking at the latest from news chopper 2. let's go to news chopper 2, we have this big-rig crash which happened about an hour ago, southbound 101 at highway 92 and the truck was coming on eastbound 92 and this is what happened. the truck was on eastbound 92
6:36 am
and it was driving on the southbound 101 and it did not make that turn and it flipped over and that's what happened and now the traffic will be backed up as you can see and news chopper 2 is showing us a big back up and we do not recommend using this heading south and that would be not a wise move at this point, use 280 and get on the freeway somehow after highway 2 and this will be there for a while and chp said it will not be cleared any time soon which is just a huge mess. they have to clean up up a the debris and this will be a huge process here. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza and that is backed up no major problems but it is pretty thick there. southbound 880, we still have a crash reported in the middle lane and southbound traffic will be a little bit slow as you approach hayward. let's go to steve. all right, good morning everybody, clear skies -- pam
6:37 am
are you going to sneeze? >> allergies! >> okay, allergies. okay, the breeze is turning a little more north, northeast 39 in napa, 52 fairfield, a pretty good breeze in the valley not as windy for us calm conditions on the coast and a far cry from what we have seen lately. chilly to cold for most, breezy out to the valley but overall, breezy and warmer and in san francisco, only 54 degrees which is way below average and we will bump you up close to that starting off at 56 degrees, all across the board, that little system is out of the picture and that may be the last one for a while. sunny breezy and cold, so it's cold and a little bit warmer
6:38 am
today, 60s and upper 50s and that breeze will still be with us but showing signs of being more northerly and we will start to warm up near 80 degrees and it looks like thursday is still really nice and carrying into the weekend. >> it may still be breezy but yesterday's gusts show a tree branch crashed into an apartment building on maury avenue. it caused structural damage and that complex is now yellow tagged and no residents are allowed to stay inside. they are searching for suspects at the deadly bombing and you can see at the podium they are getting ready to get this press conference underway and there is a news briefing about the horrible situation there and we have had live
6:39 am
reports out of boston as well and we can hear them testing the microphones and again we are keeping an eye on this and expect to get an update any moment from the fbi and we are watching this from the newsroom and as soon as this begins, we will go right back to that for you. >> at least 300 people are dead and we will get back to the fbi. >> time is 6:38 a marine helicopter goes downright near the border and this is what is left of it, what happened to the 21 people on board? security has been stepped up throughout the entire country, the bay area is no exception and we will tell you what others will be affected. southbound 101, a big problem blocking both sides of the freeway, causing huge traffic jams and we will have alternates on both areas,
6:40 am
straight ahead.
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. it is our hope that tomorrow we will organize an interfaith prayer service to help our community heel and we
6:43 am
will provide details when we have them. there is a support center that was opened yesterday in what we called a castle opposite the park plaza hotel on arlington. . everyone should expect heightened police presence and everyone should expect them to be vigilant and until this is done, all of those in law enforcement represented by the leaders here will be present in the area around the blast and throughout the city and with that, let me turn it over to the mayor. >> thank you, governor. >> yesterday terror was brought to the city of boston.
6:44 am
tragedy was brought to one our neighbors also. this is a close knit area the city of boston and here we are grieving for the little boy who we knew from door chester and a want to say -- and i want to say we know our heroes, the runners and the people who wear the badges who helped us during our time of need and as we get together with all lawn enforcement -- law enforcement officials we want to make sure we work together and let's continue to work together and let's give a helping hand to individuals who may need it during this difficult time in our city's history and i have been the mayor for 20 years now and i have never seen law enforcement pull together the way they have but also people are pulling together, the business communities, everyone and this is a tragedy but
6:45 am
boston is a strong city and we'll see them get through this and we set up a resource center over near the castle near the plaza hotel where staff will be able to give information to individuals involved in the marathon 9:00 to 5:00 and our phone number is available and the hotline (617)534-5050 and there is a 24 hour hotline (617)635-4500. we received calls from all over the world to ask us about the tragedy and how people can help us. it is certainly a bad day for boston and we will get through it and a lot of people are willing to work together to make this a better place for all of our people and as we
6:46 am
gather here today with all of our officials, we say boston will overcome. >> thank you, mr. mayor. >> thank you governor, thank you mr. mayor. >> the president of the united states has pledged his full support in all effort to keep the city safe and bring the person to justice. we did not have to reach out to the president, the president reached out to us. he called the mayor and members of the delegation because the president is actively involved in responding. on behalf of our congressional delegation, and on behalf of congress and in lynch, we want to extend our thanks to firefighters and police officers and ems to everyone on the scene including the volunteers who came and helped
6:47 am
save lives and helped those in trouble. we want to thank those from all around the country and all around the world whose prayers an offers of help has poured in and as the mayor said, boston is deeply grateful and will survive. >> thank you governor, i am the special agent in charge of the boston division. i would like to start by thanking the first responders and the volunteer physicians nurses and medical staff who volunteered at the marathon. their services and heroic action saved lives. we continue to work shoulder to shoulder at the state police as well as all other agencies. our mission is clear to bring to justice those responsible for the marathon bombing. the american public wants answers and the city and
6:48 am
commonwealth wants and deserves answers. this group of dedicated women pledges to get those answers and do everything they can. this ongoing investigation is going on throughout various locations. we continue to interview various witnesses and process the crime scene which could take some time. the citizens of massachusetts and boston should expect to see the fbi and its partners conducting activity in the greater boston area. assistance from the public is critical in establishing a timeline of events through due diligence. we common the public and the citizens of the commonwealth which has been provided to law end is to. so far and we strongly
6:49 am
encourage that. it is our roll to a greater extent and the volume of tips we have received so far and we have received voluminous tips since the accident. we have a tip line and we continue to encourage individuals to contact that line with any additional tips. we are bringing additional assistance from our headquarters components and other field offices and they are on-site working as we speak processing the crime scene. to the extent the crime scene continues to be a crime scene it may be that for several days. the fbi j.t. tf is largely following up on a variety of leads. you will see them interviewing and we encourage you to cooperate with law enforcement authorities. the j.t. tfallow for swift action which
6:50 am
will yield results and that does not diminish persistence with leads that we are processing right now and we are just beginning upon that path, thank you very much. i am special agent in charge and at this time we have a national response team activation and we are bringing special lists to the -- specialists to the scene and we will be working on a joint commission. we have law enforcement officers and bomb techs and we have canines that are trained to detect any explosive devices or residue. at this time we have 30 specialists in and around the scene and to dispel any roomers, there were roomers
6:51 am
floating around there were several other devices at one point and that's not true. that happened as a result of some suspect packages that were disrupted but we only have two devices we are aware of and those were involved and did the damage in the explosions with those incidents. we are looking for video or photographic evidence and if you have any, please contact the hotline and we would like to review any media you have which may give us additional investigative leads and we are pursuing those at this time. the scene will take several days to process and please give us your cooperation and patience as we are working in that area. good morning, i am a united
6:52 am
states attorney. first i want to extend by condolences to the families of the loved ones who were lost in yesterday's attack on the city of boston. as well as those that were hurt and may still be fighting for their lives. my thoughts and prayers go out to them. what happened yesterday was a terrible tragedy and it was amazing to see as you have heard from my colleagues here and how people just helped one another, ran towards the blast just to assist another person in greater need and people who were just there for those that were hurt and in a dire situation, it was amazing to see how the city of boston and people from around the world that were part of yesterday's boston marathon helped one another console each other. there are so many moving parts to an investigation such as this and i can't begin to thank
6:53 am
he have one who has been -- thank everyone who has been involved, law enforcement, first responders and regular citizens who became heros yesterday. i want to repeat as i stated yesterday, this is an active an ongoing investigation but rest assured, we are bringing all of the necessary resources to assist in this matter and we will conduct all that we can with all of our law enforcement partners. i have been in touch with the attorney general several times and he has pledged resources from the department and others on behalf of the federal government to help boston recover from yesterday. i ask for your patience and understanding as we continue to pursue leads, to gather evidence and to get to the bottom of who did this and why. thank you.
6:54 am
good morning. i am a police commissioner for the city of boston and we are in the process of processing the most complex crime scene we have dealt with in the history of our department. we are doing that under the direction of the fbi and in partnership with the amount of tf. we are securing the area and i would like to thank the people who were working closely with us and we have received assistance and units have responded from new york city and baltimore and we are working closely with all of our partners on this complex investigation. i want to stress the area around the crime scenene which was yesterday was 15 blocks and has been reduced to about 12 blocks at this time and we will continue to bring you information and open up as many streets and get people into
6:55 am
their buildings and work as quickly as we can and we are working diligently but please be patient. we expect the crime scene will go for another two days and people should make appropriate plans. any videos and photographs that happened, not just at that scene but anywhere in the immediate vicinity could be helpful in this investigation and we are looking forward to working with our partners to bring the individuals who were responsible for this heinous crime to justice. >> thank you. >> kernel? good morning. i am the superintendent for massachusetts state police and as i said earlier in one of our briefings, there is really two or three parts to this investigation. there is the investigative part
6:56 am
which clearly the fbi is taking the lead on but there is a logistical component of this and i am speaking to the public and you will see an enhanced presence from the boston police, from the state police, from the national guard and from our law enforcement partners through the boston area over the next few days and probably longer. that is not for any particular reason other than to provide comfort to the public who are using transportation center or going about their business. so we are engaged with the police in the tee. you will see more troopers and national guards man and you will see police like you do every day but that presence will be significantly enhanced. we are doing that for the comfort of the public and we are looking for the cooperation and we don't think it will inn
6:57 am
clean generals -- inn couldn't lenience anybody -- inconvenience anybody as well. the last thing i want to say there has to be hundreds if not thousands of photographs or videos or observations that were made at that finish line yesterday and they are sitting out there among everyone watching this event this morning. i would encourage you to bring forward anything you might not think it is significant but it might have value to this investigation. the mayor is giving tip lines, the fbi has them as well and if you call in, i assure you somebody will follow up on your photographs or videos that you want to submit for your consideration. thank you very much. good morning, i am the district attorney here in boston. what occurred yesterday in boston was an act of
6:58 am
cowardesque ; we will officially define this act and make no mistake, an act of cowardness will only be answered and to that end, some of the finest investigators at the local state and federal levels have been working through the night to not only conduct interviews and process the scene but to ensure that those interviews are legally sound and that the evidence is recovered with the greatest care. at the same time, police and other law enforcement agencies have been actively working to ensure the safety of our city. at this point the loss that we have suffered was enormous but thanks to emts, police officers firefighters, volunteers, ordinary citizens and of course doctors and nurses and the medical staff at world class
6:59 am
hospitals, we can say with absolute certainty that more lives were saved and for this we can all give thanks. in the days and we and lever weeks to come -- after weeks to come we will be a prized of our work and it is important for the victims that our investigators be given the room so that truth can be found and so justice can be served. moments like this define who we are. in the past 24 hours, the city of boston has shown its strength, its -- strength, its compassion and determination to see justice done. >> thank you again. we are happy to take questions and we will take as many questions as you have so maybe we will go from